Why You Should Totally Get A Backpack Trolley Before Travelling

If you like to travel the world, chances are you are doing so with the aim of getting the best experience possible where you are going to. However, many people might not know that their travel experience starts from the moment they start packing their luggage.

Besides all the luggage and luggage accessories which you could pick with you, you might be forgetting a backpack trolley.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should never travel without anyone of these.


When you buy just a backpack, or opt for a suitcase, you are stuck with one mode of luggage-carriage. You can only do one thing with either of both – which will be to either carry it on your back or drag it along.

With a backpack trolley, that changes since you can now switch from one form to the other.

Since these backpack trolleys can be packed and put into your bags too, it become easier to move from carrying your luggage on your back to pulling it along.


If you will be going on a long trip, or you will be walking a lot (e.g. camping trips), you might not enjoy carrying your bag on your back for the entire duration of the hike. At this point, a trolley will come in handy.

Likewise, depending on the terrain, you might have to carry the bag off the floor at some points. Since it is detachable, you get to enjoy the convenience of switching to whichever form of transportation benefits your current conditions better.

Type of Trip

If you are going on a luxury trip, you would not want your clothing to get roughened up while moving from place to place. That is the kind of thing that would happen if you were to be going with a backpack.

The good news is that you don’t have to buy a new backpack or rolling suitcase when you could just get a trolley handle for the backpack you have, and work it accordingly.

Choosing the right Backpack Trolley

To get the best out of your backpack, we recommend picking one that has straps (for when you would refer carrying) and the trolley (for when you would rather pull the bag along). If you already have a backpack, that does not mean you have to go shopping for another.

Description: Parts of suitcase handle parts

With options like the easily detachable Sunsen Backpack Trolley, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. You don’t have to worry about their adding an extra mass to your travel load as they have been made to be as lightweight yet sturdy as can be. This telescopic handle is installed inside but will not impact the capacity of the suitcase because it is extremely flat. However, it is made of aluminium, which speaks for its high sturdiness. It is the top pick for most backpack trolley and suitcase manufacturers. Travelling is fun; choosing a good backpack trolley can set your mind at rest during the journey. It is telescopic, ultra-light and of course durable.