Vacation Tips With Private Car

Vacation Tips With Private Car

PRIVATE CAR- Vacations with family are fun, especially when you go to tourist attractions together. There are many means of transportation to enjoy a vacation with family, one of which is a private car. Private cars have many advantages over public transportation, both in terms of cost and convenience.

Vacations are relaxing, so you can enjoy all the way to go to a place of recreation. For this reason, it’s a good idea for you to skim the following description so that you can enjoy a tourist vacation if you use a car or private vehicle so that the trip is safe and comfortable.

Take care of your body

With exercise a few days before leaving. If the terrain is too far away, you should find a substitute family who can drive, such as a wife.

Check the condition of the vehicle before leaving,

You should not underestimate this, even though the condition of the car is still new. It is very important to check the vehicle, especially if the distance to be traveled is quite far. Check important car parts such as brakes, tire pressure, radiator water, battery as well as the condition of the lights. Don’t forget to bring vehicle equipment such as jacks, spare tires, and technical equipment, and don’t miss the vehicle documents.

Clean Car Interior and Exterior

When going on vacation, clean the inside and outside of the automobile to make it more pleasant. Clean the windshield to prevent glass mold from interfering with the driver’s vision. Check the mirror function is working properly, and make sure the windscreen is clear.

Bring food, drink, and medicine

If a vacation trip with family takes a long time because the location is far away, it is better to provide enough food and drinks to keep the condition in top shape and avoid the possibility of not finding food or drink sellers along the road. Especially the availability of water, as a backup if it is difficult to find during the trip.

It’s better not to overdo it in bringing food or drinks because nowadays there are many minimarkets or stalls along the way. Thus, the load does not increase which might interfere with the comfort of a vacation trip. Don’t forget to also bring a first aid kit containing some standard medicines such as fever, dizziness, stomach ache medicine as well as external wound medicine and plasters should be brought.

Hopefully, these vacation preparation tips using a private vehicle can be useful for those of you who have been preparing for a vacation with relatives or family long ago. Hope your holiday is memorable and enjoyable.