Airplane is called one of many most secure transport system on earth, however still many people are scare of taking flight in the present day. With mergers between airlines, numerous problems evolve such because the discontinuing of certain departure and arrival cities, aggressive air fares are eradicated and the service provided may in fact diminish, resulting from the fact that the brand new airline, after the merger, has no immediate competitors.

The airline began with one simple strategy: “If you happen to get your passengers to their locations when they want to get there, on time, on the lowest doable fares, and make darn certain they have a very good time doing it, folks will fly your airline.” This strategy has been the important thing to Southwest’s success.

Pelayanan excelent juga membutuhkan pendekatan karyawan yang mengerti secara jelas mengenai pelayanan, oleh karena itu pada setiap kesempatan selalu dilakukan training pada … Read More