This time we will discuss how to clean the right carpet, which you can do yourself. By cleaning your own carpet, you can save more on expenses and treat the carpet well, according to the knowledge you have obtained before buying the carpet. Also, for safety carpet cleaning, you can contact the Zionsville Carpet Cleaning to clean and maintain your carpet carefully and properly.

Here some steps to clean your carpet by yourself:


The carpet cleaning step can be started with the simplest tool, which is easy to find and is also inexpensive, namely a broom. What kind of broom should you use? The answer depends on the type of carpet. If your carpet has a material with soft fibers such as wool, cotton, microfiber, or others, then you need a broom for this first step. Meanwhile, if your carpet is a carpet made of bamboo or sisal fiber, you can use a broomstick that is flexible and does not have sharp edges. Sweep the broom or stick, make sure you separate the broom from the broom you used to clean the floor or yard. Specialize the broom as your carpet broom.

With this broom, you will clean the dirt that is visible and easy to clean, such as paper debris, plastic wrap, falling leaves, and so on. When cleaning the carpet with a broom, direct the sweep in one direction until the dirt had moved from the carpet to the floor.


Vacuum cleaners have been known as a mainstay carpet cleaning tool. Sometimes, people assume that cleaning the carpet using a vacuum cleaner is enough. In fact, vacuuming new dust enters the second step of the proper carpet cleaning process. In this stage, the goal is to get rid of the invisible dirt that cannot be cleaned with the broom. Clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner evenly from one side to the other. Make sure the entire surface of the carpet has been exposed to a vacuum cleaner, following the direction of the carpet fibers.

Cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner can be done periodically to ensure the carpet is always clean. Especially when you are reluctant to do a deep cleaning on your carpet. While cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, you can while watching movies, videos, or listening to music and making carpet cleaning activities more enjoyable.


This is often overlooked because cleaning the carpet at the top is enough. In fact, the bottom of the carpet is also important to clean. Dirt that accumulates at the bottom of the carpet can move to the top of the carpet if your carpet suddenly parted and there is a breeze or in other ways. In addition, cleaning the carpet will not be total if you miss the bottom. In fact, a good carpet cleaning is a thorough cleaning.

You can clean the bottom of the carpet before or after cleaning the top. If you do this after cleaning the top, then make sure the top of the carpet isn’t exposed to dirt again. To anticipate, you can clean the bottom of the carpet before you clean the top of the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. That way, you can still make sure the surface remains clean. Cleaning the bottom of the carpet should also be done by sweeping and vacuuming to be really clean.