Some Survival Kits that Can Help Climbers

Hiking and exploring the outdoors is not just a hobby. This extreme hobby has many risks. Without basic knowledge and solid readiness, your chances of surviving these threats are very small. Starting from hypothermia, and getting lost in the forest that often happens to climbers. Below are descriptions of some survival kits that can help climbers if they experience problems or get lost while climbing.

  1. A lighter or lighter
    When hiking or getting lost in the jungle or nowhere, fire becomes a survival kit that will really help. The benefits of this fire are many, such as cooking, driving away wild animals, warming the body, or giving signals to the SAR team.
  2. First aid kit
    Do not use the excuse that first aid kits will increase the weight of the load and take up space in your carrier, thus neglecting this important equipment. Under certain conditions, such as when you get lost or have an injury such as sprains, abrasions, or falls, first aid kits can save your life.
  3. Emergency Blanket or Aluminum Foil Blanket
    Small in size, light in weight, but with many benefits, that’s the emergency blanket or aluminum foil blanket. This blanket will really help you if you have hypothermia because it can maintain the heat in your body.
  4. Whistle or laser flashlight
    When you get lost or stuck in a condition where you can’t go anywhere, it can be helpful to have a laser whistle or flashlight. This survival kit is useful for alerting rescue teams or other hikers to where you are.
  5. Compass and Map
    Items in the list of survival equipment are compasses and maps. These two objects are a perfect combination in navigation science. When you get lost in the jungle, instinct, and instinct alone are not enough to lead you to the exit, but a compass and map will lead you in the right direction. When we are truly blind when facing an unfamiliar wilderness, a survival kit in the form of a compass and map will be of great help.
  6. Multifunctional Folding Knife
    In every hike, the penknife is the most important multipurpose small object and should be in your grasp. We will need small objects with various benefits when they are in a survival condition, in a critical condition, stuck in a difficult situation, even at any time even though the climbing conditions are smooth. Because of its small size, of course, this survival kit will not increase your burden.
  7. Kermantel, Paracord, Webbing, or Prusik cords
    The rope is also one of the items that must be included in the list of survival equipment. This rope will be of great help to you when facing steep terrain, providing a strong bond in a variety of conditions, and can bully you when stranded in a ravine. There are 4 types of rope to choose from, including kermantel, paracord, webbing, and prusik. However, it is a good idea to avoid the coated rope as its weight may inconvenience your climb. Paracord strings may be a great alternative, as they can also be used as fire hooks, or as necklaces for whistles.

Those are some of the survival kits that you need to carry when climbing because some of the items above will really help you during an emergency survival kit when facing risky conditions in the wild.