Considering A Trip? Why Egypt Is The Perfect Destination In 2020

Have you previously considered visiting Egypt? You might have pictured yourself visiting the great pyramids, temples, and tombs. Alternatively, visiting the Nile, sampling some of Egypt’s finest dishes, or staring with disbelieve at the golden death mask of King Tutankhamen. Well, 2020 is the opportune time to do so. The following are some reasons why an Egypt vacation package should be at the top of your vacation list in 2020.

Vacationing in Egypt is Relatively Cheap

One of the major considerations that determine the choice of tour destination among many people is the cost, especially with far off places, due to the expensive airfare rates. However, when you critically look at the numbers, Egypt visits in 2020 are economical and are achievable on various budget ranges.

A trip to Egypt is viable regardless of your budget constraints, whether it is an inexpensive tour or a luxurious visit. Several accommodation choices are readily available across the country and even top-end options charge a small portion of the amount you would pay in cities like New York or Paris. You can turn this into an opportunity to reduce your travel costs further by choosing a budget-friendly alternative or splurge on a more luxurious stay for a similar price to one you would pay in a mid range option in another country.

Excellent Weather Conditions throughout the Year

Are hot temperatures your thing? Then Egypt will suit you. With temperatures averaging 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit in the colder regions during the winter months, this should be your best time to tour the temples and tombs without suffering from the scorching heat. If the winters aren’t a good time for you to visit, don’t worry. Although the summers can get extremely hot, you can still visit the best places in Egypt by adopting some simple tricks. The good thing with Egypt guides is they are always looking to provide the best experience to you.

 Egypt is A Treasure Full of History

Egypt has many fun-filled thrills to offer but the top reason why people flock to Egypt is because of its history. It has a rich ancient past that has captivated the world for centuries. Even though you are not obsessed with history, the stories and tales you will discover about Egypt will astonish and leave you awestruck.

An Exceptional Cruise in the Nile River

What does sailing down the Nile mean to you? Consider cruising on a comfortable ship with luxuries. On board pools and spacious rooms, big windows and small balconies for excellent views. Enjoy the radiant sun rays slowly fade away in the distance on the Royal Viking Nile cruise, catch glimpses of Egyptian farmers tending to their farms and view Egypt’s cities and temples from the water. Surely, no other experience matches this one!

Mouth-Watering Egyptian Delicacies

Egyptian food is highly diverse, due to its history, religion, and geography. Most of the dishes feature several types of vegetables, topped off by some popular meats like duck, rabbit, pigeon, and chicken. Lamb and beef can be part of the food, though not regularly. In the coastal regions, you can enjoy a variety of seafood options and many fresh fish.

Enjoy the Awesome Beaches and Go Scuba Diving

In Egypt, there are three major beach cities: Hurghada, Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh. All give off their own unique vibe though they provide the same activities. Sharm el Sheikh is a more exclusive and high-end resort city, Hurghada is also an upscale destination that also acts as a popular sail port, while Dahab is a more calm and relaxed town. Each of the three has perfect beaches and activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, and boating. No matter the choice, you will have a good time.