Bali Tourism Open, Remember These 5 Things!

Bali Tourism Open, Remember These 5 Things!

Bali Tourism Open, Remember These 5 Things!

Tourism- After being sluggish due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, now tourism in Bali is starting to get excited again.

In the first quarter of 2022, there was an increase in tourist visits to Bali, both domestic and foreign tourists. In Bali, tourists will see a lot of beautiful scenery combined with local culture. This year, the G20 Indonesia Summit will be held in Bali

To be able to enjoy the charm of Bali calmly and comfortably, let’s look at the following 5 things as reported by lonely planet.

Respect Surrounding Customs and Culture

Each region has its own customs and culture, which tourists must also obey. Therefore, as a tourist, you need to understand the customs and culture of the Balinese people before visiting.

By following the customs there, you are also preserving their culture and what they believe in. It is also a form of appreciation of their customs. To find out more information regarding the #WonderfulIndonesia tourist destination, you can follow the Instagram accounts @pesona.indonesia and TikTok @pesonaindonesia.

Watch out for Wild Animals

Those who plan to travel to Bali must be wary of wild animals there. One of them is the monkeys that live freely in the temple area and tourist attractions, for example at Uluwatu Temple.

Not infrequently, the monkeys are fun and take things belonging to visitors. In addition, there are also many stray dogs roaming Bali.

Use of Disposable Plastic

Even though it is known as a leading tourist destination in Indonesia, unfortunately, garbage is still a problem on the Island of the Gods. Moreover, at the beginning of 2022, beaches and several tourist attractions in Bali were in the spotlight.

This is due to a large amount of garbage, especially plastic waste that has piled up along the coast. Therefore, the local government continues to intensify the 2022 waste-free Bali program.

As a tourist, you certainly have a role to play in preserving nature and tourist attractions in Bali. One of them by being a responsible tourist. Remember, be wise in using and disposing of plastic waste during the holidays.

Bargain Reasonably when Shopping

A vacation may not be complete without buying local souvenirs for friends and family. When buying souvenirs, there is nothing wrong if you bargain so that you will be given a lower price. However, you should bargain reasonably and at a reasonable price. Before buying, you can compare the prices of goods between sellers. Then choose which one best fits your budget.

Apply Strict Health Protocols

Currently, tourism in Bali has started to reopen. Most tourist attractions have followed the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, Environment Sustainability) guidelines from the government. But keep in mind, that the COVID-19 pandemic has not completely disappeared. Therefore, stay disciplined in implementing health protocols during activities. The holidays are still going on, but don’t let the process slack off!

By complying with the 5 things above, of course, you can enjoy various tours in Bali comfortably and happily. Don’t forget to join #BeliKreatifLokal from creative economy product craftsmen who you can meet in various corners of Bali tourism. And make sure to complete the complete booster dose of vaccination at the nearest health facility or vaccination center.