7 Tourist Destinations in Egypt You Must Visit

Egypt is a country on the North African continent bordering Israel and the Gaza Strip. Located on the edge of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, this country turns out to have a wealth of natural and extraordinary history. Known as the home of Ancient Egyptian civilization with pyramids, temples, monuments, mummies, mosques, monasteries and ancient churches, this country is perfect for those of you who like to ‘hunt magic’ from civilization.

This country holds a myriad of interesting tourist destinations to explore. Especially for tourists who like historical tourism. Not only its history, but Egypt Tours also has a variety of interesting tourism activities that tourists can try.

Not only famous for the Pyramids of Giza and the Statue of the Sphinx, but Egypt is also the place for the longest river in the world, the Nile, which is an important aspect of Egypt’s population. If you want to go to Egypt, You should look for the best Cheap Holidays To Egypt.

Want to know more about Egypt? Come on, see seven tourist destinations in Egypt that are highly recommended to visit.

  1. Red Sea Coast

The Red Sea Coast is located in the eastern part of Egypt and is rich in diversity under the sea. Its length crosses the Suez Canal to the southern Sudanese border of 800 km. Clear sea water with various types of fish and luxury resorts equipped to make the Red Sea Cost right to enjoy an exotic vacation and become one of the best diving spots.

  1. Giza Pyramids

Being an icon for the State of Pharaoh, the Giza Pyramid complex and the Sphinx Statue are tourist destinations that cannot be missed. This building is the only world wonder site left from ancient times and is approximately 4,600 years old.

  1. Luxor City

Visiting Luxor as if taking you around an open-air museum. Yes, the city stores ancient relics such as 60 carved underground tombs, Luxor temples, and Karnak temples, and various other ancient monuments dating from 1500 to 1000 BC.

This city is said to be the birthplace of Hercules and Dionysos. Located near the Nile, about 500 km south of Cairo. Luxor stands on an ancient city called Thebes by Greek residents and in Ancient Egypt called Waset.

  1. Nile River

The Nile is the longest river in the world and plays an important role in the lives of Egyptian people. This river becomes a means of transportation, irrigation, trade to become a source of food because of the many types of flora and fauna that live in the Nile. Known as the Father of African Rivers, the Nile empties along 6,650 and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. You also recommended to try the Nile cruise holidays.

  1. Alexandria

As the second largest city in Egypt, Alexandria originated from a port city that was transformed into the grandest and most important metropolitan city in the days of Ancient Egypt. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in North Egypt, the city was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC.

  1. Cairo

The capital city of Egypt is one of the largest cities in Africa that has been established for more than 1,000 years on the banks of the Nile, about 800 km from the Aswan High Dam. Cairo is a place that is perfect for those of you who like history. Because, the city offers traditions, historic temples, tombs, churches, monuments, and museums that are maintained today.

  1. Edfu Temple

The ancient Egyptian temple was the largest and was built as the center of worship of Lord Horus and the Hathor of Dendera. Every year, at the Edfu Temple a sacred festival will be held to worship the God of Horus. It was built during the reign of Ptolemy III and was completed during the Ptolemy XII period of 57 BC. Located in Edfu City, known as Apollonopolis Magna in Greco-Roman times, the temple is one of the best-preserved temples.