6 Indonesian Airlines That Have Been Bankrupt

6 Indonesian Airlines That Have Been Bankrupt

6 Indonesian Airlines That Have Been Bankrupt

FLIGHT there have been six Indonesian airlines that stopped operating or went bankrupt. The factors that influence it are quite diverse. Starting from financial problems and they declared bankruptcy, to assessing the factor of inadequate flight safety standards.

It does not only affect private airlines but there are also some that come from national airlines or at least the majority shares are owned by the Indonesian government. So, which airline is it?

Here are some Indonesian airlines that have gone bankrupt and stopped operating.

1. Adam Air

Adam Air was founded as PT Adam SkyConnection Airlines. Launching from Ikopin Journal, Wednesday (8/6/2022), this airline was founded on November 22, 2002, by Agung Laksono and Sandra Ang. Adam Air has 24 Boeing 737 aircraft leased from GE Capital Aviation Services and serves about 30 domestic routes, as well as two international routes.

At the end of its history, Adam Air … Read More




Traveling to various cities certainly requires a mode of transportation. The train is one of the choices of transportation modes that are commonly used to move from one tourist destination to another.

Welcoming National Railway Day which is celebrated every September 28, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why trains are still the prima donna in Indonesia.

1. Cheaper rates

It is undeniable that train tickets are relatively cheaper than plane tickets. When compared to airplanes, trains still offer cheaper fares. For example, for the trip from Jakarta to Yogyakarta, on the same date, the cheapest flight ticket price for this route is around Rp. 536,000 for Economy class. Meanwhile, the train offers the cheapest fares starting from IDR 480,000 for Executive class trains.

2. Save time

Compared to other modes of land transportation, using the train can cut travel time. If you are going to Yogyakarta … Read More

Airlines: Tips for Hunting Flight Tickets at Friendly Prices

Airlines: Tips for Hunting Flight Tickets at Friendly Prices

Airlines: Tips for Hunting Flight Tickets at Friendly Prices

Airplanes are one of the most important modes of transportation when you want to travel. This is because there are many facilities that can be obtained by using airplanes, such as saving time, saving energy, and several other benefits that can be different from one person to another.

The many benefits of using an airplane make the price quite expensive. No wonder people are scrambling to find the cheapest possible tickets offered by airlines, whether during the promo period or not. Well, if you are planning to find cheap tickets for a vacation using an airplane, the following tips might help you:

Determine travel period properly

It is common knowledge that when the high season arrives, the cost of transportation by any mode, whether land, sea or even air transportation becomes more expensive. So, choose a flight time that is not too crowded, such as around February-April or September-November.… Read More

Bali Tourism Open, Remember These 5 Things!

Bali Tourism Open, Remember These 5 Things!

Bali Tourism Open, Remember These 5 Things!

Tourism- After being sluggish due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, now tourism in Bali is starting to get excited again.

In the first quarter of 2022, there was an increase in tourist visits to Bali, both domestic and foreign tourists. In Bali, tourists will see a lot of beautiful scenery combined with local culture. This year, the G20 Indonesia Summit will be held in Bali

To be able to enjoy the charm of Bali calmly and comfortably, let’s look at the following 5 things as reported by lonely planet.

Respect Surrounding Customs and Culture

Each region has its own customs and culture, which tourists must also obey. Therefore, as a tourist, you need to understand the customs and culture of the Balinese people before visiting.

By following the customs there, you are also preserving their culture and what they believe in. It is also a form of … Read More

Vacation Tips With Private Car

Vacation Tips With Private Car

PRIVATE CAR- Vacations with family are fun, especially when you go to tourist attractions together. There are many means of transportation to enjoy a vacation with family, one of which is a private car. Private cars have many advantages over public transportation, both in terms of cost and convenience.

Vacations are relaxing, so you can enjoy all the way to go to a place of recreation. For this reason, it’s a good idea for you to skim the following description so that you can enjoy a tourist vacation if you use a car or private vehicle so that the trip is safe and comfortable.

Take care of your body

With exercise a few days before leaving. If the terrain is too far away, you should find a substitute family who can drive, such as a wife.

Check the condition of the vehicle before leaving,

You should not underestimate this, … Read More

4 Reasons Why Vacations with Private Vehicles are Fun

4 Reasons Why Vacations with Private Vehicles are Fun

Vacations are very important activities for you to do. Why is it so important? Because with a vacation, your mind will become calmer. And will forget the burden of life’s problems by itself. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, make time for a vacation at least once a year. By doing this your brain becomes fresh again.

For some people, they do it for the holidays. Can use private vehicles or public transportation. Depending on the distance to be addressed to tourist attractions. But in fact, vacations using private vehicles are much more fun than using public transportation.

And in this article, I will discuss 4 reasons why a vacation using a private vehicle is much more enjoyable than using a public vehicle. Curious about anything? Here are the four reasons!

Vacations Moments Will Feel More Meaningful

For those of you who often use public transportation while on … Read More

Airlines Cull More Hawaii Routes

We just noticed more routes just disappeared from one airline’s schedule. That makes at least three Hawaii-centric airlines that have culled routes to the islands. And we predict it isn’t even close to done there.

Why Southwest just pulled two more routes.

After we just wrote about 7 Southwest Hawaii flights that were removed from their upcoming schedule four days ago, we found yet more. Los Angeles to Lihue and Los Angeles to Kona are no longer. It isn’t totally surprising as those routes are frankly intensely competitive. The airlines on these routes, other than Southwest, include American, Delta, Hawaiian, and United.

Also, starting mid-March, Alaska Airlines will join in the brawl and begin daily nonstop flights on these important routes. In a nutshell, too many flights and competition just no longer made sense for Southwest, which is otherwise already occupied.

Today Hawaiian addressed removing the Orlando route. We think

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10 best Prime Day travel deals

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is finally here, with sitewide savings for Prime members on popular categories ranging from skin care and pet products to small kitchen appliances and fitness equipment. And whether you’re planning to board a flight to a sunny island or go on a roadtrip in the coming months, Amazon is offering notable discounts on travel items from portable chargers to luggage during the sale.

SKIP AHEAD Prime Day travel sales on Amazon | Prime Day travel sales at other retailers

Prime Day’s history traces back to 2015 — and after seven years, it’s grown so big that other retailers like Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond and Best Buy are now hosting their own counter sales. To help you make the most of the fleeting shopping holiday, we compiled some of the best Prime Day travel deals and sales live on Amazon, plus highlighted other notable deals

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4 Great Travel Deals for August

The Harbor Club in St. Lucia is offering a fifth night free when you book four. Photo courtesy the Harbor Club.

Something New in the Big Apple 

Where: Crowne Plaza HY36, 320 West 36th St., NY; 877-666-3243.

What’s special: Adjacent to New York City’s trendiest and newest neighborhood, Hudson Yards, this Crowne Plaza is less than a 5-minute walk to Penn Station, with easy access to all subway lines, and a short walk to major attractions, including the Empire State Building, the High Line, Bryant Park, and Times Square. Check out the Vessel, the centerpiece of Hudson Yards; the spiral staircase features 154 interconnecting flights of stairs and great views. Also nearby is the Edge Skydeck which, at 1,000 feet in the air, is the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere. Hotel amenities include some of the largest guest rooms per square foot in Manhattan, spacious

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What to know if an airline wants to bump you from a flight

It’s a story that has become more common at airports: After you show up, get through security and walk to your assigned gate, you hear an announcement that the airline is looking for volunteers to give up their seats. If you’re unlucky, you find out you’re getting “bumped” from the flight because the airline overbooked.

Airlines beset by labor shortages have struggled to keep up with summer travel demand, leading to an unusually high number of cancellations, delays and disappearing luggage. More people are also getting bumped: According to a consumer report from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the rate of passengers who were involuntarily denied boarding in the first quarter of 2022 was 0.44 per 10,000 passengers, which is more than five times greater than the 2021 figure (0.08) and bigger than the pre-pandemic rate of 0.32 in the same period of 2019.

Flexible travelers can use these situations

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Lansing’s Capital Region International Airport offering flights to Orlando

Direct flights to Orlando, Florida, are coming to Lansing’s airport this fall.

Houston, Texas-based Avelo Airlines, which describes itself as an ultra-low fare airline, will offer two flights a week to Orlando beginning in October from the Capital Region International Airport.

Avelo will be the only airline offering non-stop flights to Orlando from the Lansing area and is likely the first airline to start a regular passenger route out of Lansing in 15 years, said Andrew Levy, CEO of the airline.

Levy spoke to the Lansing State Journal ahead of a public announcement of the new route.

The company will offer an introductory rate of $59 for one-way flights booked by the end of July and completed before Feb. 15. The airline takes bookings at AveloAir.com.

The flights will be on Thursdays and Sundays with regular service beginning Oct. 27.

There will be an introductory flight on Oct. 26, leaving 

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29 things not to do as a tourist in Italy in 2022

Italian authorities have introduced a slew of new rules in recent years in response to issues associated with over-tourism.

From sitting on the Spanish Steps in Rome to visiting Venice for a day without pre-booking and paying an entry fee, there are specific everyday activities that could see you hit with a fine of up to €1000 ($1022) or a Daspo (temporary ban from the area). 

Some have been presented with a zero-tolerance approach. Such as an incident pre-pandemic when two German tourists were fined €950 ($1058) and immediately asked to leave the city after they were found making coffee on a portable stove beneath Rialto Bridge. Officials confirmed that this was the 40th time in two months that visitors were ordered to leave town for breaching the rules.

Swimwear bans and ID bracelets – what to know about Italy’s latest beach and resort rules 

The very popular, always-crowded Spanish
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