Easy Tips to Keep Your Car’s Wheels Clean and Coated

Cleaning your car wheels does more than just improve your vehicle’s physical appearance. It also offers protection for your tires from cracks and other forms of damage while getting rid of corrosion and protecting the wheels’ finish from external elements. Maintaining clean wheels plays a crucial role in your car’s maintenance. It has been recommended that your wheels should be cleaned twice in a month, or every two weeks.

Typically made with an aluminum or magnesium alloy, car wheels serve the main purpose of holding the tire. In certain cars, the wheel itself is attached with a plastic cover, both of which requiring proper cleaning. Once you start your ride, the wheels absorb some of the most pressure on your vehicle and will need much care from you.

Even vehicles that have been recently purchased may have dusty, dirty wheels. Spending some time and resources to maintain your vehicle’s wheels will let you enjoy that new-car appearance.

Reasons to Clean Your Car Wheels
Brake dust can build up on car wheels and begin to stick to the finish, causing stains, discoloration, and cracks. Even if there’s no need to buy replacement wheels, discolored ones will greatly reduce the car’s value when selling or trading. It is best to seek the help of professional detailers when cleaning car wheels as they are highly familiar with wheel types and finishes.

You can expect that detailing expenses can be higher than simple wheel cleaning at home. However, it is recommended to leave your wheel treatment to professionals to avoid unnecessary damages and costs. High-end vehicle owners may choose the services of professional detailers to cover their wheels with the newest wheel coating technologies, making it easier for these parts to clean. While these coatings can come at a high cost, from $300 to $500, this treatment has been made available for all types of wheels.

Fortunately, most drivers can clean their cars’ wheels and rims through DIY cleaning if they make use of the correct products. You don’t have to purchase the cheapest items, though. Experts recommend the use of wheel cleaners that are pH neutral that counteract the effects of the deposits from brake dust that stick to the rims.

How to Clean Your Car Wheels
After choosing your preferred wheel cleaner item, you can take these tips into consideration for cleaning your car’s wheels and rims.

1. You can start off with a soft brush or a large sponge for wheel cleaning. These wheels can be scratched easily, so it’s ideal to use a soft, gentle item.

2. Before using, soak the brush or sponge in plenty of water for a couple of minutes. It is recommended to use one bucket with the first wash and another separate bucket for rinsing the brush or sponge. This way, the dirt doesn’t get transferred from the water to the wheels and back.

3. Don’t work with wheels that are still hot to the touch. When it has been cooled, you can clean the wheels separately, one at a time.

4. Be patient as the cleaner takes time to work. After leaving it on the wheel for at least a minute, the dirt gets removed. Similar to washing windows, it is best to clean from the wheel’s top to its bottom. Doing so will avoid the dirt and water from running down a cleaned area.

5. Each wheel should be properly rinsed and dried as soon as you’re done cleaning them.

6. If you want to prevent external elements from damaging your wheel, you may want to choose a protective coating that can keep brake dust away. Even certain car waxes are being applied on wheels as added protection at a lower price.

7 Dashboard Cameras To Get Your Car

Dashboard cameras are highly recommended, and even needed, nowadays because of the many benefits that they offer. If you do not have one yet, buying one can be quite a tedious task what with the many models and brands coming out these days. With that, here are the seven of the best dashboard cameras to suit any budget to get for your car.

Z-Edge Z3 Plus Dash Cam ($140)
The Z-Edge Z3 Plus features a 3-inch screen and a good mounting system. The Z3 supports several different video resolutions, including the 2560×1080 resolution. This camera is very easy to set up. It also comes with a 32 GB MicroSD card to provide you with a huge storage, great for capturing long road trips.

FalconZero F170HD+ Dash Cam ($99)
The FalconZero F170HD+ dashboard camera comes in a small body with a suction mount that can rotate 360 degrees, which makes it for a very easy installation. Even with its small size, it delivers 1080p high-definition videos. This camera also has a motion detector that records any movement when the car is parked. Just like the former, it also comes with a 32 GB Micro SD card.

Z-Edge Z1 Plus Dash Cam ($60)
The Z-Edge continues to make it on the list with a less expensive option. The Z1 Plus dashboard camera offers full high definition video recording, a generously sized 2.7-inch display and a built-in sensor. It also comes with an adjustable suction mount, making it one of the products that offers great value for your money.

Thinkware TW-X350 Dash Camera ($150)
The Thinkware TW-X350 dashboard camera can features a wide angle 140-degree lens that can capture every detail on a full HD video with its high-quality Sony sensor. This camera also features a 2.7-inch screen and a built-in thermal self-protection. For easier access using your smartphone, this camera also comes with Wi-Fi. When ordering, buyers can opt to get one with GPS for a more expensive price, of course.

KDLINKS X1 ($170)
The KDLINKS X1 dashboard camera has a premium f1.6 Six-Glass Lens that can capture at a 165-degree angle, with super HD resolution at 190×1080. It is very weather-resistant, which means that it is fully functional even in extreme temperatures. The X1 also features a built-in GPS that has Google Maps integration. It comes with an 8 GB MicroSD card, which may not be much, but at least it’s included in the box.

Black Box Mobius Pro Mini Action Camera ($80)
The palm-sized Mobius Pro features an LCD screen, a G-sensor, and a suction mount – everything that you would need in a dashboard camera. It comes in a compact size yet can record high-definition videos. This camera is so versatile, as it comes with Velcro, so you can easily remove it place it elsewhere, for example helmets and handlebars. Another bonus is that it comes with a 32 GB MicroSD card.

BlackVue DR470-2H Dash Cam (starts at $199)
The BlackVue DR470-2CH may be the priciest on the list but it is definitely worth your money. This dashboard camera has two lenses that makes it possible to simultaneously record both the front and the back of your car. It is small, yet it comes with superior video quality as the front lens records high-definition videos at 1080p while the back lens records at 720p. The BlackVue DR470-2CH comes in several variants with storage capacities ranging from 16 GB to 128 GB. Furthermore, one can also opt to get one with GPS.

7 Cool Upgrades for Your Car

Whether it is to boost your car’s performance or you just want to inject some personality into your car, upgrades are always a good thing. After all, you don’t want your ride looking just like the rest of the pack, right? Here is a quick guide on what you can do to give your ride an upgrade.

Carbon Fiber Parts
In automotives, lighter is always better. The lighter your car is, the better it performs and the more fuel efficient it will be. Swap out the heavy metal parts with some carbon fiber ones. From the hood to the side skirts to the wheels to the valve covers to the pedal kits – the possibilities are seemingly endless. Apart from improving the performance of your car, you gotta admit that carbon fiber parts look flashy too!

Performance Tires
Upgrading your tires will significantly boost your car’s performance. Performance tires usually offer dry and wet traction, and optimum handling and maneuverability that your regular tires do not. There are so many brands and kinds of performance out there, that you are sure to find one that will fit your budget. It does not matter what car you drive, getting the right performance tires will make a ton of difference.

New Wheels
Style, color, price – these are things that you need to consider when buying a new set of wheels. While this one is more on the “aesthetics” side, bear in mind that this can still affect your car’s performance. The lighter the wheels, the better, because again you do not want a heavy load on your car.

Racing Seats
These are more comfortable and more flashy-looking than your old and worn-out factory seats so ‘nuff said.

Fog Lights
Driving at night can be quite challenging especially in remote places that do not have a lot of street lights. While your car’s factory headlights offer adequate lighting, fog lights make such a huge difference. They significantly improve visibility even when driving through fog or snow. Fog lights are available in just about any size to fit any kind of vehicle.

Car Audio and Amplifier
This is probably one of the simplest upgrades you can get for your car. Factory car stereos are good, but Bluetooth ones are way better especially with the technology that we have nowadays. Upgrading your car stereo can set you back for as little as $30 and you still get a snazzy upgrade and functional upgrade. And while you’re at it, why not add an amplifier or subwoofer as well to improve the overall sound quality in your car, which will make those long road trips a little less tedious and boring.

Steering Wheel
This is another upgrade that serves both function and customization. Apart from affecting the way you drive and the amount of effort that you would need to change directions, a new steering wheel is another way for you to inject your personality in the interiors of the car.
These are just some of the numerous upgrades that you can get for your car. There are so many more. Just be sure to read the manuals and keep yourself informed as to how these upgrades can affect your car.

5 Reasons Why Proper Tire Pressure Is Important

Every vehicle has its own particular identity that works altogether with a specific end goal to operate its ideal level. One of the components that vary is the perfect tire pressure. Since tires can be effortlessly inflated, numerous car proprietors choose to blow up their tires themselves, resulting in over or under inflation.
Keeping car tires inflated is not generally the main thing on somebody’s plan for the day. While it might appear like a little under inflation would not hurt anything, there are a few reasons why car tires should be appropriately inflated all the time.

1. Appropriately Inflated Tires Saves Money
An individual who drives on under-inflated tires for more than 10,000 yearly miles can burn cash on 150 additional gallons of gas. After some time, that cash can signify 500 dollars per year. It can actually save hundreds by consistently keeping tires properly inflated. At the time, it is easy to feel like some additional cash is not a major ordeal. Yet, once the little sums include, it is easy to see that it is significantly more than pocket change.

2. Starts Safer Driving
Tires can be put under a gigantic amount of pressure when driving at high speeds. That pressure can be very dangerous when it comes to the point that tires are under-inflated. Under-inflation associated with high speeds can make it harder for tires to stop rapidly without sliding. Any fast stops because of startling impediments can turn out to be twice as perilous. Underinflated tires can likewise cause issues on wet or frosty streets.

3. Extends the Life of the Tire
It can make the tire to become noticeably weaker if it is persistently constrained into under inflation and after that re-inflated. Likewise, driving a car on under-inflated tires places them under unnecessary stress. Along these lines, tires become weaker and should be supplanted immediately. Keeping the tires appropriately swelled can stretch out their life expectancy for one to three years.

4. Offers Better Gas Mileage
Blowing up tires to their right air pressure enhances gas mileage by 3.3 percent. In the event that tires are underinflated, it makes the car slump down moderately. This is practically difficult to see to the human eye. In spite of that reality, it still dumps unnecessary weight against the tires, causing gas mileage to suffer.

5. Protects the Environment
Each time a gallon of gas is scorched, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide is discharged into the environment. These carbons are then mixed with the oxygen that is being taken in by everybody across the world. Any vehicle that is going on under-inflated tires can import 1.5 additional immense amounts of gasses into the environment each year. By keeping tires inflated, it can sustain both environment and community protection.
Keeping up the perfect tire pressure for your vehicle is essential for its proper performance and management. Having tires that are not swelled appropriately can bring harm to your car and can increase your chances of having an accident. Therefore it is essential that you check your tires at any rate every month while they are chilly to guarantee that they are neither over or under-inflated.