7 Cool Upgrades for Your Car

Whether it is to boost your car’s performance or you just want to inject some personality into your car, upgrades are always a good thing. After all, you don’t want your ride looking just like the rest of the pack, right? Here is a quick guide on what you can do to give your ride an upgrade.

Carbon Fiber Parts
In automotives, lighter is always better. The lighter your car is, the better it performs and the more fuel efficient it will be. Swap out the heavy metal parts with some carbon fiber ones. From the hood to the side skirts to the wheels to the valve covers to the pedal kits – the possibilities are seemingly endless. Apart from improving the performance of your car, you gotta admit that carbon fiber parts look flashy too!

Performance Tires
Upgrading your tires will significantly boost your car’s performance. Performance tires usually offer dry and wet traction, and optimum handling and maneuverability that your regular tires do not. There are so many brands and kinds of performance out there, that you are sure to find one that will fit your budget. It does not matter what car you drive, getting the right performance tires will make a ton of difference.

New Wheels
Style, color, price – these are things that you need to consider when buying a new set of wheels. While this one is more on the “aesthetics” side, bear in mind that this can still affect your car’s performance. The lighter the wheels, the better, because again you do not want a heavy load on your car.

Racing Seats
These are more comfortable and more flashy-looking than your old and worn-out factory seats so ‘nuff said.

Fog Lights
Driving at night can be quite challenging especially in remote places that do not have a lot of street lights. While your car’s factory headlights offer adequate lighting, fog lights make such a huge difference. They significantly improve visibility even when driving through fog or snow. Fog lights are available in just about any size to fit any kind of vehicle.

Car Audio and Amplifier
This is probably one of the simplest upgrades you can get for your car. Factory car stereos are good, but Bluetooth ones are way better especially with the technology that we have nowadays. Upgrading your car stereo can set you back for as little as $30 and you still get a snazzy upgrade and functional upgrade. And while you’re at it, why not add an amplifier or subwoofer as well to improve the overall sound quality in your car, which will make those long road trips a little less tedious and boring.

Steering Wheel
This is another upgrade that serves both function and customization. Apart from affecting the way you drive and the amount of effort that you would need to change directions, a new steering wheel is another way for you to inject your personality in the interiors of the car.
These are just some of the numerous upgrades that you can get for your car. There are so many more. Just be sure to read the manuals and keep yourself informed as to how these upgrades can affect your car.